DreamHost Review

I am a big fan of DreamHost and I have been with DreamHost from the past 7 years. It's been a long journey but it was wonderful.

I signed up with DreamHost in the August 2007. Till date, I haven't had any major issue with DreamHost. DreamHost has also improved a lot and started offering new services. There is simply no other hosting provider service which can beat DreamHost. Period!!!!

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Brief Background

Since being in the online industry, I needed a web hosting service provider who can offer more than 99% uptime, a lots of features and not to mention that all these facilities should come under the budget. I mean the hosting service should not be costlier than a few bucks per month.

I started service for the hosting company as per my requirements. I found the few services and tried the one which was not DreamHost. Needless to say, "I couldn't continue my relations with that hosting provider".

Finally Found DreamHost

After trying one hosting company, I found DreamHost. At that time, DreamHost was offering much more than its competitors. I also had a discount coupon which gave me $97 discount at time. So I got the one year of DreamHost shared hosting for $22.40.

DreamHost Panel View

When I signed up with DreamHost, the company was offering 3 different plans.

1. Crazy Domain Insane
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Code Monster

I started with Crazy Domain Insane. With every plan, DreamHost was offering one free domain name registration. After keeping my account, I think 3 or 4 year, DreamHost converted everything to unlimited and started offering single Happy Hosting plan. DreamHost was the first one to introduced unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth in the industry. All other competitors then followed.

DreamHost Support & Uptime

Everyone wants to have the 100% uptime. All DreamHost accounts now come with 100% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement). Can you believe it? Don't believe it. The fact is that no one can offer 100% uptime in shared hosting. Not even DreamHost. So how DreamHost gives 100% uptime SLA?

Well, if you read the SLA then you will find that DreamHost doesn't count planned downtime as downtime. There is really a little chance that accidental downtime will happen. DreamHost also offers a refund if accidental downtime happens but the amount is very little. No one is really going to care about taking a refund.

Can you say that DreamHost is cheating you by offering this fake SLA? I would say No. First it's not fake SLA. It's a marketing strategy. They write what they offer and DreamHost really offers a more uptime than most of its competitors. You can visit the uptime page on this website to know the real uptime.

Regarding support, when I first started there was not even a live chat support. DreamHost has put all the technical team in the support. So when I joined, DreamHost was only offering email and phone support. Now DreamHost has introduced a live chat support. All the support representatives behind the live chat are also technical people. So they can handle your query easily and fix your problem immediately.

DreamHost Service Up-gradation & Transparency

Since the time of my joining with DreamHost, the company has evolved a lot and it's now offering much more service than the traditional shared hosting. DreamHost now offers VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting. Not only that, but the company also offers wordpress optimized hosting which is called DreamPress. DreamHost has also started offering the cloud service.

I like DreamHost most just because of their transparent nature. When I joined, there was no other company which was offering a reason for downtime. DreamHost has a blog called DreamHost Status. Whenever there is some serious issue happens, DreamHost post that on the status blog. So that everyone is aware of the issue. Even if the issue happened by one of the employee of DreamHost, they are not afraid of putting it on the status blog. No other company can do this.


Overall, I am very very very happy with DreamHost. I recommend DreamHost to anyone who wants to have a rock solid web hosting for their business or personal usage.

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