si DreamHost Uptime for April 2010

DreamHost Uptime for April 2010

DreamHost Uptime, for the month of April 2010, was 99.942%. This time DreamHost failed to get 100% uptime but it got a decent uptime.

There were five failed checks on 13th April. Total downtime was of around 20 minutes.

Failure time (Pacific Time +12.5) Error message Response time (s)
01:35 PM Connection timed out 25.190
01:41 PM Cannot connect 0.191
01:46 PM Cannot connect 0.294
01:51 PM Cannot connect 0.248
01:56 PM Cannot connect 0.303

Uptime: 99.942%
Downtime: 0.058%
Avg. Response Time: 0.068

DreamHost Uptime April 2010

DreamHost Response Time April 2010

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