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WelCome To ahcdh.com - Unofficial Help for DreamHost Customers from A Happy DreamHost customer. In this website, you will find my view on DreamHost hosting company. You will also find some DreamHost Coupons, which will give you discount on DreamHost purchasing if you are not an existing customer. I am also going to put most of my efforts in writing DreamHost help articles in this site.

About DreamHost

If you don't know what DreamHost(DH) is, then read ahead otherwise you can skip to next paragraph. This paragraph includes basic intro of DreamHost. DreamHost is a well known hosting company established by undergraduates students in 1997. Since that time, DreamHost has successfully hosted more than 600,000 700,000 1.2 Million domains. DreamHost now provides its services to more than 375,000 happy customers. DreamHost uses Debian Linux operating system for their server hosting. DreamHost has two data centers in Los Angeles. Both data centers are supported by emergency backup power generators. All servers are running on redundant network connections reducing the downtime. Even though DreamHost has come so far with the more than 10 years of successful hosting, their main aim of satisfying customers, hasn't change with the increasing customer base.

Aim of Making This Website

I have been a customer of DreamHost since August 2007. After using the DH's service for more than 10 months, I realize that DH is really a cool hosting company and I am very happy with their service. It is actually in my nature that I like to promote products which I like and which are useful for others also. So I decided to review about DreamHost.

I thought I will write a simple review page on DreamHost, what are the offers, what it provides and how is support and reliability. But I am so much impressed by DreamHost that after I thought it won't be a fair to write down only a single page about DH. There are simply so many things that are good about DreamHost. I can't mention all of them in to single page.

It is an online era. More and more people are coming with their websites for online business. All of them are not technical people. Although DreamHost provides good support and easy to use control panel, some non technical people find it difficult to use. In this website, I will provide my help to those customers who are new to DH and want to do some of the tasks using DreamHost control panel.

If you are not an existing customer, read detailed DreamHost review or may be you are interested in DreamHost Coupons.

If you are an existing customer, visit DreamHost How To section.

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