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Welcome to ahcdh.com. This web site contains information about DreamHost hosting company. For those who don't know what DreamHost is, here is a brief introduction about the company.

Introduction About DreamHost

DreamHost is a web hosting company. It provides different web hosting solutions. DreamHost offers shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting. DreamHost is recommended by Wordpress team. DreamHost also offers specially wordpress optimized hosting which is DreamPress.


Along with providing the hosting service, DreamHost also offers domain name registrations. Whenever you sign up with the DreamHost hosting service, you get one free domain registration. This domain registration is free as long as you are with DreamHost. If you move your hosting from DreamHost to some other hosting provider then you will have to pay the domain name registration charges as usual.

DreamHost has also recently started cloud service. DreamHost offers DreamObjects and DreamCompute. DreamObjects is a cloud storage service. You can get unlimited data transfer and scale your storage as you wish using DreamObjects.

DreamCompute is a next generation cloud computing service. If you are running your own application on the server and you need powerful processing power to run your application then DreamCompute is your choice. You can get on demand virtual server using DreamCompute. DreamCompute plans starts from $19 per month.

If you are just starting out in the online world then you don't need to understand about the cloud service. You can just use the shared hosting and you will have your web site up and running.

Why Have I Made This Web Site?

I am an affiliate marketer. When I started to promote products online, I was first started with Wordpress and Blogspot blogging platforms. After playing in online world for few months, I understood that one need to have solid website to promote any product. Also if you are serious about your online business then you need to have your own hosting account. That way you have a full control over your website.

I started searching for hosting company. The first name I heard about a good hosting company was not DreamHost. It was another company. I don't want to give the name. So I sign up with that hosting company.

After 1-2 months of having account with that hosting company, I found that my site goes down for many times a week. Also I was paying much higher for the service I was using. I again started searching for really good hosting company. Then the name DreamHost came up to me.

I did a little bit research about DreamHost. There were mix reviews but I really liked the presentation of DreamHost website and I wanted to test their service. Also I found a good DreamHost Coupon which gave me a huge discount and I signed up with DreamHost.

After staying few months with DreamHost, I really loved their service. I am an affiliate marketer. So I thought to myself, "DreamHost is a good hosting provider and offers rock solid hosting. Why not promote it".  So I made a web site to promote DreamHost. Since I was a happy customer of DreamHost, my website name was ahappycustomer.dreamhosters.com back then. Few months back I had to change my website name because that name was very long. So I changed my site URL to ahcdh.com it reallay means nothing but A Happy Customer dot DreamHosters dot com.

So now you know why I made this site. You will find DreamHost tutorials in this website. You will also find latest and working DreamHost Coupon Codes in the website. If you are a current customer of DreamHost then enjoy the tutorials and if you are not a customer of DreamHost then enjoy the promo codes and get discount.

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